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February 26, 2008

Sticky Fingers in an Old Car

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Obviously, I haven’t written anything in a few days- which would seem to undermine the premise of this thing, if only I weren’t the only one holding myself to any kind of standard. Plus, my last post was admittedly weak- the weather?- but all I can do is strive for improvement.

With the ten precious days of spring break looming ever nearer, I have found myself of late feeling the wanderlust. Practicalities have limited the range of possible travel locations- for one thing, I can’t seem to recall in which state my passport is presently being stored, which means no travel outside of the country. Air travel is expensive, and a hassle, and we’re still a month away from being able to rent a car. Unfortunately, Nick’s 1992 (?) Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme- the Cutty- is barely holding together. A $600 repair in December means that it runs with some reliability, but there still exists a frighteningly high likelihood of breakdown, explosion, or complete collapse similar to the demise of the Bluesmobile.

Therefore, a decision has been reached, which compromises my aching need to travel and Nick’s desire to sit around and do nothing: a Barbeque Tour of the Midwest. We’ll start in Chicago, following the Magnetic Fields concert on Friday night, and from there we’ll hit Memphis and Kansas City before returning to St. Louis. A great deal of driving will still be involved, but if the car dies/explodes/collapses, we’ll only be a 10-hour bus ride back to Illinois. We’ll stuff our faces with tender, delicious pork, and stay in cheap motels. We won’t be going anywhere near anything resembling the ocean, which is disappointing for me, but which also means that we won’t be going anywhere near anything resembling a “Spring Break Destination!”

In March 2006, I found myself stranded overnight in the Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta, with an elderly Nobel-nominated physicist to keep me company and impart philosophical/theological ponderings and “my friend Jimmy Carter” anecdotes. If this vacation results in any stories even approaching the fantasticness of that one, I will consider it to be a success.


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