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March 6, 2008

Further Laziness

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Things that I have recently enjoyed:

  • Cave-Aged Kaltbach Swiss Gruyère
  • Cocoanut-Lime Amalfi Soda, both from Espresso Royale and homemade
  • Rewatching Season 1 of The Riches (Eddie Izzard is the shit, yo).
  • Following the current season of Lost, and basking in the show’s return to form while blissfully pretending that seasons 2-3 never happened.

Things that I have recently not enjoyed:

  • Falling behind in classes (way behind)
  • Falling behind in blogging (which I care about much less than falling behind in classes)
  • Fucking Jane Austen, and the “Heritage Cinema” section of my Cinema class.

Explanation of Jane Austen Hatred: It’s the formula. Build up an intelligent, independent female character, then create a love triangle which ultimately ends with the intelligent, independent female conforming to social standards in order to complete herself by finding a man (“Aww!”). Forced viewing of Mansfield Park in aforementioned Cinema class has all but led to induced vomiting. I’m sure that Jane Austen hate in this vein has been articulated before and many times, in many different venues, by folks more scholared than I, but I’ll chorus it for good measure: The woman was a hack. I understand that she would have been ostracized for expressing anything resembling true feminism- at the very least, she would not have enjoyed the sort of popularity that she did- but what truly baffles is her current status as Female Novelist Supreme.  Can we get over this, collectively?


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