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March 8, 2008

On Literary Magazines and Serendipity

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Like thousands of young intellectuals who are sufficiently ashamed of that title and optimistically humble to add a “pseudo” to it, I attend college at a large state university, and am presently studying within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, specifically the English department. Like hundreds of other English students at this college, I am pretentious enough to read and enjoy McSweeney’s on a regular basis (the electronic version, not the paper version; I am, after all, a student with mounting debt and too many expensive luxuries already). A fellow student, who is, surprisingly enough, not an English major, alerted me to the possibility that the author of the Dispatches from Adjunct Faculty at a Large State University could potentially be on University of Illinois payroll about two years ago, which I dismissed due to the great number of large Midwestern state universities. However, I was wrong.

To me, this is more significant than all of the achievements and donations of our dear Mr. (Dr.?) Siebel, who has funded something like 90% of the University’s architectural achievements over the past decade. Coupled with the revelation that Mr. (Sir?) Timothy McSweeney himself is a U of I alum, I feel my chest swell with the good old Illini pride.


(Incidentally, Mr. Griswold’s observations on Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day capture my experience of the holiday, and of those who seek alternatives to it. An English professor of mine, largely disliked and distrusted, handed out fliers for the Guitar Hero tournament which Mr. Griswold attended, and I silently observed that every student that I know who plays Guitar Hero regularly does so with the assistance of alcohol, including myself- while there are, no doubt, a great deal of Guitar Hero experts on campus, they were likely playing and drinking in their apartments or dorms).


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  1. Hey! I like the new site!

    And, I hate to say I told you so. But I was so right about Oronte Churm; when the news broke I was a very ego-inflated individual.

    Comment by Dave — March 10, 2008 @ 1:44 am

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