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April 1, 2008


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I go along in life, ignoring the large things that scare me as well as the small, and something triggers it.  Suddenly I am transformed from a rational, if easily confused, person, into a seething tower of irate.  I stumble around, engrossed in the one thought, unable to focus on anything else until I have found someone at which to rant.  Inevitably, this rant is met with confusion and unease, as its source is uncommon and it might appear, at its core, to be somehow biased and unfair.

But I simply demand to know: Why do old people decide to create offspring?

Do they perpetrate this action without thought or care for the day when their spawn, now entering their third decade, uses their newfound powers of prediction to create a vague outline of the future?  Twenty and seventy simultaneously are unfair numbers, because they indicate that thirty and eighty should logically follow. Unfortunately, humans have a tendency to die, if of nothing else than having lived too long.

The anger of a child who realizes that their parent created them knowing that at least half of their life has already passed is not easy for people outside of this circumstance to understand.  It is not “ageism.”  It is only resentment, and premature mourning.


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