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July 22, 2008


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What is this upside-down bizzarro world which seems to have surreptitiously replaced my well-worn reality? Not only have I recently volunteered to drive Cartman’s hippie drill, but the impossible has happened: I have been drawn, like a special-needs mosquito to a bug zapper, to the world of comic books…and I like it.

Let me clarify: I have not yet crossed the line and actually read a comic book or graphic novel. Like stepping from Firefly to Battlestar Galactica, this is a line I cannot cross. However, earlier this summer I read and thoroughly enjoyed the heck out of Kavalier and Clay, a novel about two young comic book artists in the 1940s. Then there was Iron Man, which left a glazed impression of awesome on my brain, but which has otherwise been forgotten in the glorious afterglow of (you guessed it) The Dark Knight.

Even after discussing the movie for something like 6 hours at work yesterday, words still cannot describe the incredible power of TDK. The movie legitimized the comic book for me- even just as source material. I can’t adequately verbalize the film’s many genre-transcending, mind-blowing achievements, so I’ll let Dan from Pajiba do it for me.

Furthermore, the news that the folks responsible for Dexter, a show which is among my 20 or so favorite television shows of all time (I tried to compose a complete list for Facebook, and failed miserably. There are simply too many to list), are going to be at ComiCon this year. Seriously?! Once almost the nerdiest of the Cons, ComiCon now features attractions for normal people as well as underpants-gnomes of the highest order. The feeling of wanting to go to ComiCon is new for me, and it strongly reminds me of the sensation of wanting to have one’s spleen removed, yet not knowing why or if it would kill you.

Already, the resemblance is startling…


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